Steroids are a synthetic version of male hormones.

Steroids: Side Effects and Benefits

We have all heard about steroids more than once. Even those people who do not play sports professionally, are not going to win places on the podium of the best bodybuilders and, perhaps, have never visited the gym, roughly know what the meaning of taking these substances is. Among the population of our country, and not only ours, there is a prevailing opinion regarding steroids: many people think that they harm the body, but they can not argue this statement.

In the fitness environment, there is a tendency to have a positive attitude, or at least a high interest, in any sports supplements that accelerate muscle growth and fat burning. The danger of a variety of substances is usually not accepted here, and the arguments in favor of taking products from a sports nutrition store are photos and stories of athletes and bodybuilders. Who is right in this situation: ordinary people or professionals?

What are steroids?

Steroids are a very interesting substance in terms of origin. They were invented in the 50's of the last century to help bed patients. The main function was to maintain the amount of muscle mass and muscle tone in people who are unable to lead at least a sedentary lifestyle.
Currently, they are better known as sports doping, accelerating muscle growth and human endurance.

In terms of properties, anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of male sex hormones, for the most part testosterone, which are directly involved in the construction of muscles. And in theory, these substances should safely affect the human body, since they are an alternative to hormones already existing in the human body.

Types of Steroids

According to the method of exposure to the body, two types of steroids are distinguished: androgenic and anabolic. Androgenic ones serve to enhance secondary male symptoms - pubic hair growth, change in voice timbre.
Anabolic drugs are better known in the sports environment because they accelerate the formation of all cells in the body and allow you to quickly convert the protein that comes with food into muscle mass.

Why are steroids so popular?

The main reason for the popularity of this drug is the rapid growth of muscle mass. It is impossible to find at least one person who, having tried a quality product, did not note that the effect after strength training has become much more significant.

In addition to this obvious advantage, anabolic steroids increase the body's stamina and improve physical performance: you can lift large masses, make more repetitions of the exercises you have already studied. At the same time, even if the load increases, the muscles recover faster after training, which means that between the strength exercises you can reduce the break and give only 24 hours instead of 48 hours of rest.

When gaining muscle mass, you will also lose fat, since anabolics accelerate any metabolic processes in the human body, including the energy expenditure from stored carbohydrates.
Steroids are a synthetic version of testosterone, so when they are used, libido and sex drive increase.

Are there safe steroids and where to get them?

Doctors unanimously claim that safe steroids do not exist. In sports, however, there is an opinion about the imaginary benefits of Winstrol, whose negative effect on the skin is treated with post-therapy. That is, first you take a course of anabolics, and then - a course of vitamin, which helps you not to bald, not to have a rash, etc.

Thus, steroids are an analogue of male hormones, but their effect on the body is not limited only to muscle growth. This is usually accompanied by psychological dependence, cardiovascular disease and worsening of the joints. Therefore, before deciding to take anabolic steroids, try to change your workout and nutrition and in this way improve your physical performance.