Client’s data

We severely protect the data from the client and don’t share it with any person or company, especially outside the company. The info that we collect is IP so that to be able to find the issues on this website and it is helpful for us in managing it in the best way. When you visit our page, records your IP. Each data is stored apart, others don’t see it since it is just for being used internally.

Cookies files

During customer’s visit of our website such data like IP, address, time and customer’s net server is written to the cookie file.

Advertising partners

Advertising info received from other companies may be inserted to our website being placed to an advertising page. The information about the companies that added these adverts is stored in cookie file also. We are not related to the data that comes from these cookies.


It is necessary to input some personal information as name and address for registration on our website. This info is helpful for us in order to make the service quality even better and get in touch with our customers. We inform them about the updates using the provided information.

How to contact

We ask you to get in touch with us in case some questions appear related to the confidence of the information you provided. If you want we can stop anything that is related to this. In case you want to be sure that primary cleanup declaration is shown to you just refresh the page of the browser you are using.