Balkanfarma Terms of Use


Our resource is not related to law agencies as well as law companies. The website is not used for discovering the data to be used against the website administrators as well as any third parties, for example, web advertisers, website users or anyone else. We work on protecting websites so that not to apply any bad actions against them. We obey the law statements as well as follow doctor’s prescription in case this is stated by law. Those who want to buy any product from our website should be at least 21 years old.

How are the goods delivered?

We use Regular Airmail for sending the goods; on the receipt the customer signs the paper that the package is received – this is performed for security purposes. If your order delayed, we ask you to inform us by sending an email which describes the situation – in this way we can serve you in the best way. If you lost your ID then send us your name, address with the date of shipping. This information is going to help us to serve you in a better way.

How long does it take to deliver the package?

In order for the package to come to the USA, it takes about 7-21 days. For European customers, the delivery will take about 7-14 days. If your order gets lost in customs as well as is not released from the customs we ask you to inform us by sending an email so that we could help you.

Information about shipping

As soon as the payment operation is confirmed, the purchase is shipped the next day or within 5 days at most except weekend and official holidays. In case the purchase is too big, it is going to be divided into some parts and consequently they are going to be shipped separately – not same days and thus they arrive some days later. Registered Regular Airmail is used for sending the orders due to security reasons.

How to cancel the order?

If it happens so that you want to cancel your purchase, you should perform this within 12-hours period since you paid for the package. Send us a ticket indicating your name, ID of the order and shipping address. Otherwise, the products are going to be shipped and delivered to the address you indicated according to the schedule.

Is my personal data protected?

The data you provided for the order is kept private and safe according to the European Laws. Clients’ information will be protected and no one shows it to any organization or third party, even if it is an official one.

What about claims and refunds situations?

The situation when the order is not delivered to you due to being lost or is retained during at customs may take place. In case the package is captured we ask you to send us the seizure letter in order for us to ship the order for free this time. In case the purchase didn’t come to you within 25 days please tell us and we are going to do our best in order to solve the situation. Please pay attention that we don’t ship to the following places: Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and Sweden.
It is client’s responsibility to do all he should about the customs fees as well as other obligations.