Balkanfarma Shipping Info

Data about shipping

What about shipping to P.O. boxes and APOs?

We perform shipping to PO Box and APO addresses, you should just complete the info about shipping in the comments in order for us to be able to provide the best delivery to you.

How do you ship?

Safe methods of shipment are used by us.

- The package is not marked with any information that is related to company’s name as well as pharmacy medications information.
- In order to have a safe way of shipment, we change the company that ships the package.
- Unnecessary questioned are rejected by sending small quantities in the package. In case the order is not small we divide it into two or three smaller orders, all of them at one cost.

We care about the environmental conditions and the boxes are used twice and more in case they correspond to the order. Shipment from many European countries is performed.

What about the insurance of the order, customs procedures and what is the situation in case the package doesn’t arrive?

Our company’s security system is important for us and we ship the package in the best way we can. If the package is retained at the customs, you must provide us with the impound notice on the package that comes via customs or maybe FDA in order for us to send you the same order for free. This opportunity may be used just once for a single order.

The following countries are not included to reshipment area: New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea.

What are the conditions of duty for shipping?

Our fee for shipping is nearly 25$. In case you want to purchase over 600$, we are going to provide you promotions of free shipping.

What about the sureness of the delivery?

All we can do to provide sureness of the delivery is performed by our company. We stay away from packing the products in their initial boxes in order not to have a large volume. The package cover does not indicate the company name; moreover, we ship from various countries in Europe. Thus, safe method of package delivery is ensured.

Should I sign when the package is delivered by shipping company?

Registered Regular Airmail is used to ship the order; the parcel can be tracked and you have to put your signature at arrival.

How long should I wait since I ordered the product?

As soon as you ordered the product we send you the information about payment procedure. When we receive the payment, we pack your product within 1-3 days.
Within 7-15 days period, the order is shipped (weekends not considered). You should be aware that the package may arrive later, up to 25 days delay due to the customs or the wrong delivery.
We ask you to inform us in case the order did not arrive on time – in this case we can send you another order free of charge.

I want to receive package receipt. When can I receive it?

In order to get such information you have to use “My orders” panel after logging in; after you click it on the right side of you have to go back to details about the package clicking “More info”.

I heard of Semi-Shipped order. What is that?

In case the order is divided into two or more parts, we pack them separately and the status of such orders is semi-shipped. An interval of a couple of days will take place between the arrivals of the parts of orders after being shipped.

Could I track the order?

Code for tracking is not provided due to security reasons. In case you want to check the arrival date, you should enter your order history using your account.