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What are anabolics?

This word doesn’t tell much to the one who is not familiar with medicine or is new to sports. But if you firmly know that you want to have an ideal muscular body and strong muscles, you need exactly the best anabolics. So are called the substances which accumulate nitrogen in muscular protein and support the gain of the muscular tissue directly.

In normal state two processes which mutually balance each other take part in the organism – anabolism and catabolism. Catabolism destroys the old cells and anabolism creates the new ones. Anabolic medicines are applied for muscular growth; they shift the inner balance to anabolism side. Thus, the increase of muscular mass takes place. The organism contains a natural substance which is responsible for this process. It is testosterone, natural anabolic, the male sex hormone that is responsible for the increase of muscular mass and formation of male secondary sexual characteristics.
Often the androgenic activity is artificially decreased because namely it is responsible for the side effects of the medicines. In order to get muscular gain, the steroids are used not only by professionals but also by the sportsmen of an amateur level with the condition that the steroid course is well-composed.

Anabolic and androgenic steroids
Some time ago such a division was accepted. But now it is scientifically established, and there is no doubt that the modern steroidal medicines which are used in sports to accumulate muscular mass and to increase the strength indices have both anabolic and androgenic features.
Often the androgenic activity is artificially decreased because it is responsible for the side effects of the medicines. In order to get muscular gain, the steroids are used not only by professionals but also by the sportsmen of an amateur level. When the steroid course is well-composed and the doses are individually arranged, the use of steroids doesn’t cause any side effects. Many sportsmen consider that all their sports achievements are thanks to the medicines of such type. The range of existing sports steroids is very wide as well as the types of their effects.

Where to purchase steroids
Our internet shop sells and delivers the medicines of sports pharmaceutics at the territory of the United States of America and Europe.
But only our internet shop offers a professional consultation of qualified specialists to the clients. Before you order the steroids, we will give you all the necessary information, will answer all your questions and, if necessary, compose an individual course. We suggest you to purchase steroids with shipping to any city in the United States of America and Europe and all the postal items are carefully packaged and are anonymous, sent quickly and safely.

Where to purchase steroids?
You should pay attention to choosing the dealer because you may meet a fraud. The most reasonable decision will be to read the reviews about the dealers on the internet and also the proofs (images of the goods, scans of tracking codes and others).

Why should you buy from us?

1. You will not have to go out from your home: you may select your purchase without even getting up from the sofa and at a very low price. This is due to the fact that the goods are purchased from the direct suppliers in Netherlands, Moldova, Egypt, China and countries of Western Europe. Direct supplies are the background of the low prices.

2. You can have no worries about the quality of the purchased product because bodybuilding is our way of life and that’s why we are personally responsible for the product’s quality. See the laboratory results stated above.

3. You can get a free competent consultation of our specialists, compose the application course and ask all the questions that you have.


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Danabol (Methandienone) is applied during 40 days with the dose of 4 tablets per day every 4 hours. For example, at 9.00-13.00-17.00-21.00. No “steps” should present. The period of methane tablet (10 mg) action in the organism is 4-6 hours with a maximum peak of 2 hours later. Correspondently the “step” will not be effective, it will be meaningless.



So, we see that although the opinion which is popular today, antiestrogens themselves will have a small contribution to the restoration of testosterone level during first weeks after the course. This makes us pay attention to totally another level and HHT arcs to accelerate the restoration and of testes. To achieve these goals we need the injection drug of gonadotropin.