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Esculap is one of the newest substances that allow to effectively struggle with the erectile dysfunction at males. The drug has already helped to tens of thousands of male athletes again feel strong and confident quickly and without sensible side effects – positive reviews about Esculap completely confirm the affirmations of the designing scientists about the results of its administration.

Pharmacological effect of Esculap drug

The active substance of the drug is tadalafil. It is a quite powerful selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase of type 5 (PDE5). At sexual excitation, the features of Esculap (Balkanfarma) manifest in the inhibition of PDE5 by tadalafil. In its turn, this leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles of the blood arteries and the increase of blood flow in the tissues of the penis. An important moment should be noted: tadalafil doesn’t have such a strong effect on the erection during the absence of sexual stimulation.

The effectiveness and popularity of Esculap (Balkan) administration in sports and its side effects also are conditioned by the following data that was obtained during the scientific research in artificial environment:

- the active substance of Esculap tablets – tadalafil – affects PDE5 several times more powerfully than other PDEs;
- effect of tadalafil on PDE3 (takes part in heart functioning and the blood vessels) approximately is 8-10 times weaker than on PDE5;
- approximately same difference in blocking level was discovered when compared to PDE6 (enzyme that is responsible for photon transmission in retina);

The description of Esculap’s affect composed according to the reviews of broad range of users (about 800 persons took part in the research) tells that the drug works during about 36 hours with insignificant deviations. The positive effect starts manifesting approximately from 15th minute, however, only at sexual excitement which also increases the ease of its application.

How to administrate Esculap  

Esculap (tadalafil) is administrated inside. Not taking the schedule and quantity of meals, the administration is performed in dosages of 20 mg. The time of body’s reaction at drug’s administration depends on individual features and state of person’s health; however, its effect lasts for not more than 30 hours. The recommended periodicity of the administration is not more than 1 time per day. The overall picture of the administration of Esculap from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is similar to Viagra’s.
Specialised researchers on Esculap (Balkan) with other drugs were not performed but, however, if the structure of its effect is known for certain, it is possible to note the following:

- there is a possibility that such inhibitors like erythromycin, itraconazole and ritonavir may increase the activity of tadalafil;
- simultaneous administration with antacid leads to the decrease of tadalafil absorption;

The manufacturing cost of Esculap (tadalafil) is lower than of analogues like the final price because of the application of own innovative technologies which also allow to administrate the drug simultaneously with antihypertensive substances and alcohol. The price of Esculap is formed maximum democratically and gives every man who suffers from erectile dysfunction to resort to its help. Reviews about Esculap from Balkanfarma also tell that it doesn’t cause the change of heart rate image and also doesn’t affect the color perception and the size of pupils in contrast to analogous medicines.

And, finally, the most important: during the administration of the drug with other medicines and also alone Esculap (tadalafil) doesn’t violate the morphology and mobility of the produced spermatozoids.

Esculap: price and maximum effect

As for the side effects – they exist but, however, manifest in very rare cases and most often during the incorrect administration of the drug. The most often reason of side effects is too often use. This is conditioned with the situation that the price for Esculap is relatively low and people violate reception mode chasing the additional effect performing the administration more than two times per day.

The most often manifests are:

- back and neck pain;
- dizziness, heartbeat, tachycardia is possible;
- eye pain, conjunctivitis, slight face edema;
- skin rash, itch.

However, it should be noted once again that these manifestations appear only during at incorrect administration of the drug or during diseases where the drug is contraindicated. Above all, the price of Esculap tablets is significantly lower than of analogues and thanks to the improved technology the side effects have weaker manifestation or totally miss.

Esculap: reviews and tens of thousands of success stories

The positive effect of the drug during the erectile dysfunction was proved by reviews about Esculap (Balkan) from usual buyers. However, the popularity of the drug is not related to its effective action but also with the small number of its contraindications and the side effects.
Everyone can buy Esculap; however, it is not recommended for the following groups of people:

- people with different types of renal insufficiency should decrease the dosages of the drug;
- people with a predisposition to priapism should administrate it very accurately;
- reviews about Esculap drug from male athletes with different deformations of the penis (curvature, fibrosis or Peyronie's disease) tell that the administration of the drug may cause uncomfortable feelings.

Also, the drug is recommended to be used at decreased dosages by people that suffer from liver dysfunction and also it is not recommended to young people under 18.

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