About Vega Protein information

How to take Protein?

Protein is a key substance for those athletes who regularly load their body with intense physical activity. A protein is an alpha-amino acid protein without which muscle growth is not possible. Thats why you dont neef forget about sport nutrition. During power exercises, energy is lost, protein balance is disturbed, which is why, to make up for the protein deficiency, you need to take a protein that helps:

- Quick recovery after training;
- Increase in muscle mass;
- Maintaining muscle tone during weight loss;
- Creating a spectacular muscle relief.

Medical studies prove that the daily intake of protein ranges from 1 to 2 grams in the absence of high physical activity. For an athlete involved in power sports, this figure doubles - from 2 to 4 grams. It is this amount of protein that can maintain the required level of nitrogen, optimizing muscle growth. The protein content in foods is usually not enough to replenish the norm. In such cases, sports nutrition becomes indispensable. Most often, proteins are sold dry for making cocktails. Modern manufacturers of sports supplements enrich protein mixtures with various valuable components:

- a complex of vitamins and minerals;
- glutamine;
- carbohydrates;
- creatine.

Lets talk about food for athletes. There are several main types of proteins, recommendations for which are significantly different:

Eggs protein - a protein with the highest degree of digestibility, which sets the standards for the comparison of protein mixtures, due to its high biological value. The amino acid leucine, which is part of the composition, causes an instant anabolic reaction. At the same time, it has an excellent effect on weight loss processes. How to use? Protein of egg origin should be taken before training (1 hour) and within 20 minutes after.

Soya is a unique balance of amino acid compounds that helps lower cholesterol in body and one of types of proteins. Ideal vega protein for weight loss. With power loads, the soy protein concentrate significantly improves physical performance, contributes to recovery after the training process. How to use? The specified amount of the mixture must be mixed with 200 ml of liquid, drinking an hour before training and 20 minutes after. Soy protein as a vega protein shakes is classified as slow, it can be consumed between meals throughout the day and at night. In case of improper intake, this type of protein can disrupt the intestines, so it is important to strictly follow the recommendations from the manufacturer indicated on the package.

Collagen - a unique amino acid composition that allows you to accelerate the restoration of the skin, joints, ligaments and other connective tissues. How to use? Collagen protein is effective in combination with other types of proteins: whey, egg, soy.

Casein is a slowly absorbed protein. Once in the human body, casein forms a curd mass, providing muscle nutrition with amino acids throughout the day. How to use? Due to the long absorption period, casein protein is recommended to be taken at night. It is possible to use in other cases when it is necessary to provide long-term nourishment of muscle tissue.

Whey protein powder - enriched with BCAA amino acid compounds, necessary for physical exertion. It has a maximum absorption rate, in comparison with other types of proteins. How to use? Serum protein intake is most effective before and after exercise. It can be taken throughout the day to enhance the action of other proteins. 

It is worth noting that the proper use of each type of protein can increase its effectiveness.