Gonadotropin drugs are used in bodybuilding.

Use of Gonadotropin during the course.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) produces an embryo in the initial stages of development and the placenta, more precisely trophoblast. It helps regulate the hormonal background of a pregnant woman.

HCG performs the same functions as luteotropin - it regulates the functioning of testicles and stimulates the synthesis of testosterone. Gonadotropin drugs are used in bodybuilding to maintain the proper functioning of the gonads on the course. Some athletes use HCG for post-cycle therapy (PCT), but this is a completely wrong approach.

The main task of PCT is the renewal of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis chain, which is responsible for the secretion of luteotropin. There is a misconception that gonadotropin stimulates the production of the latter. But in fact, everything happens the other way around: testosterone, which is released when HCG is administered, inhibits the synthesis of luteotropin. Because of this, the athlete recovers very slowly after taking steroids, which is the opposite of the goal of PCT.

It is better to use HCG at the end of the course. As a result, the functioning of the gonads will begin to recover. This is a good preparation for PCT. Given the duration of the course, chorionic gonadotropin can begin to be used at different times. The activity of the drug in the body is observed for 5 days. To prevent the occurrence of side effects, the main thing with which is a significant decrease in the susceptibility of gonads to gonadotropin, it is important to follow the dosage recommendations of the drug:

- Injections at the end of the course do for 2-3 weeks. If it is long - another 2 weeks in the middle.
- The dosage on the course is 1000 IU in 7 days, before the PCT - 1000-2500 IU every second or third day.

It is important to consider that the start time for using HCG is calculated according to the type of steroid used. For example, when using short steroids (Propionate, Phenylpropionate, etc.), the first injection of gonadotropin is done no earlier than two weeks before the end of the course. Especially at such moments you need to pay attention to novice athletes. Long preparations (Enanthate, Decanoate, Cypionate) affect the body for about 3 weeks. Therefore, HCG begins to be administered a week after the end of the steroid course.