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Testosterone Propionate and Winstrol cycle

Bodybuilders in their sports practice use a variety of medications to help them reach new heights in their discipline. Most often it is used during drying, when the medication can show its best qualities.

The effectiveness of using and testosterone propionate benefits

The drug helps:

- gain muscle mass;
- get rid of excess body fat;
- increase the level of relief;
- build up strength indicators.

During the intake, many bodybuilders report a serious increase in libido while simultaneously lowering blood cholesterol levels. The risk of ischemia and other diseases of the circulatory system is also reduced.

Popular Testosterone Propionate dosage

You can take the medication both individually and together with other sports drugs. Beginners are advised to use an anabolic supplement of up to 50 mg every 2 days. The dosage for more experienced athletes can be increased to 100 mg taken every day. During the course, it is recommended to use anti-estrogen drugs, including Provimed. You should start taking such medications from the second week of the course, so you can reduce the risk of developing gynecomastia. With the right medication, the athlete can get rid of problems such as fluid retention and other estrogenic effects.

When the course of the medication is completed, it is necessary to begin post-cycle therapy, for which Tamoxifen used. At the exit, it is worth connecting cortisol blockers, which will help maintain the previously acquired muscle mass. The set will be even more effective if you adhere to a certain diet during the cycle.

Combined Testosterone Cycle

Long-term practice of taking shown that Testosterone propionate injection can be combined with the following sports medicines:

Test propionate and Winstrol
Test propionate and Trenbolone acetate 
Test propionate and Primobol

Combined courses like these are perfect for athletes going through a drying period. Propionate is also found in several other sports medicines, most notably Sustanon, which is highly regarded in the professional sports community.

Test Propionate can combined with Winstrol following simple rules. Testosterone should be taken in 50 mg every two days, while Winstrol is used every day in a volume of 30 mg. Winstrol should be started with 10 mg, gradually increasing the dose to the recommended dose during the first week. After a month and a half, anabolics can be canceled and proceed post-cycle therapy. The complex use of drugs is interesting in that it allows you to achieve a total effect that is always more noticeable than when taken solo. Testosterone propionate buy from the best testosterone seller in USA and Europe Balkanfarma Anabolic Steroids store.