How to pump the perfect press with Balkanfarma

How to pump the perfect press?

If you do not have “dice”, it is not because you do not know the magic press exercise or secret dietary supplement. Your mood is to blame for everything. The fact that getting rid of fat on the stomach is a boring job. It takes time, serious effort and, most importantly, commitment. Perform the necessary exercises every day — and you will get what you wanted.

But if you roll out even a couple of times a week, as most do, then you will not see cubes as your ears. What to do? Here are five habits that I advise you to have with your clients to help them exchange fat for six-pack. Think of them as daily tasks assigned to you in order to speed up the approach of excellent physical shape. Each individually is unremarkable, but together they become a powerful tool, the effectiveness of which is scientifically proven.

Scientists at Iowa State University have determined that people are more likely to adhere to the regimen established for getting rid of fat, if they focus on individual actions, rather than on the result. So do not wait for the effect, but follow my advice on a daily diet, exercise and lifestyle. Everything will be but not immediately. But do not wait for the effect, but follow my advice on a daily diet, exercise and lifestyle. Everything will be but not immediately.

1. Wake up and drink!

Imagine that you did not drink all day - no coffee, no water, no soda. At the end of the day you will be very dehydrated. That is why you should drink immediately after you wake up. From today, drink at least 500 ml of cold water in the morning, as with a hangover. German scientists say that it speeds up metabolism by 24% over the next hour and a half (if you drink less, this effect will not be). Another study showed that muscle cells grow faster if there is enough water in the body. Try to drink 3.5 liters of water per day.


2. Breakfast.

A study at the University of Massachusetts showed that men who skip breakfast have a 4.5 times higher chance of belly fat than breakfast men. Within an hour after waking up, drink a protein shake or eat something at least 250 calories. As British scientists discovered, breakfast is inversely proportional to waist size. The more you eat for breakfast, the less fat there will be. Of course, you should control yourself: an omelet with sausages for 1480 calories is two breakfasts, not one. Limit breakfast to 500 calories. As a quick and healthy breakfast, I recommend oatmeal with a spoonful of protein whey and half a glass of blueberries.

3. Follow the progress with food ...

It is very important to constantly monitor your results. Scientists have determined that people who monitor their progress toward goals in their diet and workouts are more likely to achieve them.

... and then pack your lunch

I have been carrying lunch since my student days in the same fridge bag, which is already 19 years old. Of course, in those days it often turned out to be a package of beer, but since I decided to participate in the bodybuilding championship, I have become much more serious about its contents. Collecting this bag should be a more important morning ritual for you than hugging with your beloved. Here is what should be in it:

- Apple (morning snack);

- Two slices of cheese (goes well with an apple);

- Leftovers from the refrigerator for 500-600 calories (for lunch);

- Ready-made protein shake or half a liter of milk (afternoon snack).

So you will relieve yourself of hunger for the whole day and will not overeat. In addition, you will provide yourself with all the necessary nutrients, regardless of the training time. The rule is simple: do not eat anything that did not lie in your refrigerator bag.

4. Train correctly

Everyone has cubes, just most of them are hidden by a layer of fat. This means you do not need endless crunches, you need to get rid of fat. The most effective way is to combine weightlifting with high-intensity interval training. According to scientists from the University of South Maine, in half an hour in a rocking chair you burn as many calories as you do for a half-hour run at a speed of 3.75 minutes per kilometer (but you also gain muscle mass). In addition, unlike aerobic exercise, weight lifting accelerates metabolism for up to 39 hours after training. All the same applies to interval training. To achieve the best result, do a workout in a rocking chair on the whole body 3 times a week, resting between them for at least a day. Then include interval training on rest days. Here it is, your plan for burning fat.

5. Go to bed on time

Sleep will help you, I promise. Its lack interferes with the work of hormones that are responsible for burning fat. Scientists from the University of Chicago found that just three nights with insufficient sleep make the cells resistant to insulin. Over time, this leads to the deposition of fat in the abdomen. To sleep better, track your progress 15 minutes before going to bed. Mark your work and personal plans the next day. This will help you not to worry about your affairs before going to bed, which means that you will fall asleep faster.