So, we see that although the opinion which is popular today, antiestrogens themselves will have a small contribution to the restoration of testosterone level during first weeks after the course. This makes us pay attention to totally another level and HHT arcs to accelerate the restoration and namely to testes. To achieve these goals we need the injection drug of gonadotropin. If you are not familiarized with it, then you should know that it is the drug which imitates natural LH of our body. Although testes lost sensibility both to this drug and LH (the mechanism of their functioning is same), we administrate it as a separate drug and so we are not limited with the natural LH production limits. In a similar way, we can use gonadotropin to present large dose of LH (at our choice) in order to increase the level of restoring LH level which is already present in our body. In fact, we want to shock our body with an exclusively high concentration of LH from endogen and exogenous sources.

We want to make it much more than our body could even with antiestrogen support. This may result in fast restoration of the initial mass and function of testes which allows achieving a normal level of testosterone production much faster than without such auxiliary program. What we see now is that gonadotropin, in fact, is the central after-course drug whereas antiestrogens are just related to auxiliary drugs.