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AMINO ACIDS and BCAA. Details about this.

AMINO ACIDS and BCAA. Details about this.

In June 2017, "Frontiers in Physiology" published the results of studies conducted by a group of American scientists on the effects of BCAA after exercise with weights on the growth of muscle proteins in humans. The study showed that the intake of BCAA after exercise provided an increase in muscle connections by 22% compared with the control group that took placebo instead of BCAA.

However, it is noted that taking BCAA alone after training provides 50% less results than taking whey proteins containing a similar amount of BCAA, which was previously shown in another study.

Amino acids are a dietary supplement that is the most popular among athletes. By absorbing amino acids, the body is able to produce large amounts of protein and enzymes.

From the research results it can be concluded that after a training intake of complex amino acids from whey proteins containing an amount of BCAA that is comparable to a standard portion, it can be even more effective than taking BCAA in its pure form, as it not only stimulates the process of protein synthesis, but
and provides it with the necessary building material.

- BCAA - muscle repair. There are: powder, capsules, tablets.

- Amino acids are muscle nutrition. There are: powder, capsules, tablets.

- Glutamine is responsible for increasing immunity.

- Argenin - pumping.

- Triptan and Melatonin - a dream.