SP Sustanon

1 vial (250mg/ml 10 ml)

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SP Sustanon is an injection steroid with high anabolic effect and high androgenic activity.




SP Sustanon is an injection steroid with high anabolic effect and high androgenic activity. Active substance is the mixture of oily testosterone esters. Sustamed composition: testosterone decanoate 100 mg, testosterone phenylpropionate 60 mg, testosterone isocaproate 60 mg, testosterone propionate. The drug activates the synthesis of proteins and this provides the growth of muscles, improvement and strengthening of bone tissues. Strength indices are increased. Sustamed 250 doesn’t show the effect of catabolism. Decomposition products of the active substances are found during minimum 4 months when the administration is stopped.

Sustamed: creation, indications for use, application in sports
The production of the preparation whose active substance was similar mixture of testosterone esters started by the pharmaceutical giant “Organon” in 70’s of XX century for the treatment of the illnesses caused by the deficiency of androgenic testosterone production. These are delayed sexual development, definite male sexual disorders, osteoporosis and some female oncologic illnesses. The instruction describes the medical application of Sustamed ampoules in detail.

Application of Sustamed 250 in bodybuilding lets the athletes get high gain of muscular mass and strength indices. The drug activates production of erythrocytes that transport the oxygen in the blood. Oxygenation contributes to strength and endurance, efficiency, rapid recovery improvement. Liquid accumulation also increases muscles strength and the additional liquid in the joints eases their work.
At this time, Sustamed Balkan is one of the most effective steroids of androgenic effect for the accumulation of muscle mass practically without the effect of rollback. At the same time, you should additionally work on the quality but the gain of mass is so essential that Sustamed steroid becomes the main drug of the mass accumulating complex for many bodybuilders.
The duration of the mass accumulating course is 6-8 weeks with a weekly dose of 250-270 mg. Experienced bodybuilders can increase the dose up to 1000 mg. Without the necessary experience of steroid administration generally and the given drug particularly it is no worth to intensify the process by increasing the dosage. You should start with minimal recommended dosage although the price of Sustamed is lower than of the similar steroid drugs.

An 8-week course of Sustamed 250 Balkan gives a muscular mass gain of 8-10 kg on the average. In order to increase the mass gain, it is effective to combine injections of Sustamed with Anapolon, Danabol and similar steroids. The abundance of testosterones increases the level of aromatization and the probability of side effects but the satisfaction from a hyper gain of mass overlaps the psychological discomfort of the side effects appearance. All the more so they can be removed with Tamoximed or Proviron that decrease the level of estrogen. It would be even better to buy Anastrozol during the administration of Sustamed. It is more expensive, but it removes the aromatization consequences in the most effective way.
Sportsmen that are interested not only in volume but, first of all, in high strength indices use Deca-Durabolin or similar strong anabolic steroid with small or totally missing androgenic effect together with Sustamed 250 mg.

Sustamed in ampoules has a depressing effect on testosterone production by the organism. This may be observed especially during long administration with high dosage and frequency. That is why it is necessary to administrate Clomed or Tamoximed when the course is finished.
This drug is not recommended to teenagers who are under sexual maturation age and also for women due to strong virilization effects. If female athlete decided on increasing her sports level with Sustamed Balkan, then the dosage shouldn’t exceed 250 mg, 2 times per week and the course duration should be not less than 6 weeks.
Beginners ask what is Sustamed 250, reviews on which they heard from their friends or read on Web; what is its difference from similar drugs, particularly Omnadren? The composition of the active substance, their concentration and effect of the both drugs is equal. If you decided on purchasing Sustamed 250 and its price became an additional pro argument then it is not necessary to buy the drug with “large deposits” when you presume increased dosage.

Sustamed: reviews
You can read reviews about Sustamed at our forum. If you have experience in working with this drug then you can leave your review at drug’s page in our internet shop or participate in its discussion at forum. For majority of the beginners who decided on administrating Sustamed 250 the reviews of more experienced sportsmen who reached high level played deciding role for drug choice.
You can learn in detail how to use Sustamed ampoules, their description, effect and workout features when you visit our forum. You can find reviews of experienced sportsmen and beginners and also can share your sports and pharmacological experience.

Sustamed: price
Price for Sustamed 250 produced by SC Balkan Pharmaceutical SRL is quite small and the stable high quality and effectiveness of the drug made it popular among beginners as well as professionals. Sustamed whose price is not burdensome for anyone’s budget is purchased by many sportsmen in large quantities especially for administration in large doses. But when you use it for long period and at high dose then Sustamed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals causes side effects whose removal leads to expenses increase for the course.
So, if you hope only for increase of the dose in order to reach good results then Sustamed 250 whose price is smaller than the price of similar drugs may become higher because of the assumed ACT (after-course therapy).


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