SP Propionate

1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)

quick overview

SP Propionate is the third composite ester of testosterone after testosterone cypionate and enanthate



  • manufacturer: SP Laboratory
  • active substance: Testosterone Propionate
  • MASS (1-10): 6
  • CUTTING (1-10): 9
  • STRENGTH (1-10): 9
  • HBR: NO
  • DOSAGE: 100MG/DAY | 200MG/EOD


SP Propionate is the third composite ester of testosterone after testosterone cypionate and enanthate. This drug is often ignored by athletes. Sportsmen prefer other similar injections, for example: cypionate and omnipresent enanthate. If it seems to you that testosterone propionate has nothing unusual, then let’s get acquainted with its properties and you will change your point of view.

The main reason for rejecting this testosterone is its unprevalence, beginners consider that if other sportsmen don’t use it then I also should not but few people are completely acquainted with the properties of testosterone propionate, its abilities and features of use.
Actually, Testosterone Propionate significantly differs from similar preparations; mostly it surpasses mentioned cypionate and enanthate, basically due to the features that these testosterones don’t have.
The first and the most important difference of testosterone propionate from relatively to its “rival” is it action duration. In comparison to the drugs that have very long period of use and action (cypionate and enanthate), propionate starts acting over human organism almost immediately that, in its turn, gives it one more indisputable advantage – accelerated period of usage. So, for example, at 50 mg dose increased level of testosterone is observed during 2 days and when the dose is 250 mg it is observed for 1-2 weeks.
The second significant difference is small amount of accumulated water and, consequently, shorter “drying” periods.
The main advantage of this testosterone is that the drug inherited all the best features of testosterone drugs. Strong androgen action of testosterone propionate lets it strenuously helps the athlete in mass accumulation, obtaining additional energy and motivation for the workouts.
Widely known fact is that during the use of testosterone propionate even within first week fit of energy and increased appetite are observed.

Administration and dosages of Testosterone Propionate
During primary or initial administration of testosterone propionate major part of the athletes, men of muscles and simply sportsmen chooses small injections of 50-100 mg each. For this type of administration we recommend you start also parallel quite long course of testosterone enanthate injections. For those who are not used to wait long for positive dynamics when they administrate steroids, I would recommend using injections of enanthate of 250 mg each and 50 mg of propionate. In this case when the level of testosterone decreases, it is supposed to go on administration of testosterone propionate 50 mg every other day. When enanthate started its action, the further administration of propionate is not mandatory. (In this case the athlete gets fast increase in testosterone level and also very long because of testosterone enanthate administration).
Let’s sum up: when you use testosterone propionate the success depends on regular injections of comparatively small amounts of the drug.
As it was mentioned before, when you use our testosterone, it is advised to use other injections of long-term exposure at the same time; during this time the athlete accumulates less amount of water comparatively to concurrent administration of some injections of long-term exposure. For fast accumulation of mass and muscle growth a good combination would be administration of 100 mg of testosterone propionate (every 2 days), Winstrol (once a day) and 30 mg of Danabol once per day.

Side effects of Testosterone Propionate
When we talk about side effects while the administration of testosterone propionate injections it is worth mentioning that they are not expressed too much and appear much less often when compared to other esters of testosterone. And the matter is not in the smaller weekly dose but in fewer precipitation of the drug in the organism. Also you should keep in mind the fact that testosterone enanthate is the softest and chemically harmless substance from the list of testosterones, that is why it is easier tolerated by the body and that is an indisputable advantage.
Anyway, no matter what would we want, but testosterone propionate is a chemical substance that causes side effects that are somewhere similar to those of testosterone esters and somewhere not, for example: hair loss, voice changes, accelerated growth of hair on the body. But less toxic affect over the liver is observed, but its damage is excluded if you, of course, will not overdo with the dosage. So, perhaps, the biggest disadvantage of testosterone propionate is the necessity of often administration.


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