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Tamoxifen administration during steroid course




Tamoximed which is an anti estrogen is related to the group of steroids that affect the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. The drug is used in medicine for long time for the treatment of and therapy of cancer diseases, particularly for the treatment of female breast cancer. Tamoxifen can affect the tumor stopping its development and increasing its sizes. The reason of this is the antiestrogen effect of the drug – some kinds of tumors develop when estrogens affect them. First of all this relates to breast and mammary glands cancer of men and women. Tamoxifen is purchased mainly by males, it is very popular among them although the fact that breast cancer is mostly a women’s disease.

Tamoxifen administration during steroid course

This is explained with the fact that Tamoxifen course often is included to the course of anabolic steroids. Major part of steroids is predisposed to aromatization which, in its turn, causes increase in estrogen amount in the blood which is normal at usual circumstances. Due to high concentration of estrogen at men feminization manifestations take place like abundant accumulation of fat tissues, gynecomasty, and high concentration of water in the organism. Tamoxifen can counteract to this process pausing the estrogen receptors’ work and thus blocking formation of relation between the receptors and estrogens.

It is necessary to realize the fact that Tamoxifen doesn’t stop the process of aromatization but just stops the work of estrogen receptors, that is the drug, in fact, is nothing more than an antagonist of estrogen. And this means that testosterone hormone and its synthetically produced analogues still can be converted to estrogens. In some kind the drug fights for primacy over the estrogen receptors. The main disadvantage of the drug is concluded in this feature; often when you stop administrating Tamoxifen a reverse effect appears, that means free estrogen receptors in our organism under the effect of Tamoxifen may start forming connections with estrogens. For the neutralization of this disadvantage it is recommended to administrate Tamoxifen in combination with Proviron – in this way you can forget about the problem of reverse effect.

Administration of Tamoximed and fat burning   T

According to the reviews, one of the advantages of Tamoxifen can be considered the fact that Tamoxifen or Nolvadex (one more name of the drug) excellently helps the athlete during the diet, which means the drug supports the process of fat burning. This doesn’t mean that the drug has a fat-burning effect, no way; because of its antiestrogen features Tamoxifen provides support for low content of fat cells in the organism. Due to this reason it is recommended to administrate Tamoxifen in combination with the most powerful representatives of androgenic steroids (Anapolon, Danabol, Testosterone esters). For those athletes who suffer from a special predisposition to the phenomenon of aromatization it is necessary to add Tamoxifen to any combinations of anabolic steroids. Athletes often resort to Tamoxifen during the precompetitive period, the reason for this is the drug’s effect that provides elasticity and dryness of the muscles; moreover, this provides improved density of the muscle tissue which is especially observable.

Administration of Tamoxifen after steroid course 

According to reviews, administration of Tamoxifen is popular during the end of the course of steroidal drugs because the drug can provide significant gain to the synthesis of natural whose level usually decreases at the end of the course. Due to this and some other reasons I propose to review the ways of preventing the side effects appearing at the end of the course of steroids as well as during the administration of Tamoxifen. When the course is finished, in athlete’s body the picture of estrogen dominating over androgens is observed. As I have already mentioned, Tamoxifen rarely can cause reverse effect, which means increase the level of estrogens even more which, unconditionally, will not have positive effect for the athlete. This feature of Tamoxifen or Nolvadex was proved by doctor Mauro Pascuale, in whose book many examples and explications of this manifestation are given. Moreover, in the same book examples of the manifestation of even more rare side effect and namely that Tamoxifen significantly increases the synthesis of dehydroepiandrosterone when affects the kidneys.

One more disadvantage of the drug may be considered that Tamoxifen may weaken anabolic effect from the administration of some steroid drugs. The matter is that Nolvadex, as I have already mentioned for some time, decreases the synthesis of estrogens and some kinds of steroids (esters of testosterone) have complete effect only at large level of estrogen content in the organism. The citation from the book “Ask Guru” – Testosterone is not an independent anabolic, this drug works only at sufficient amount of estrogens in athlete’s blood. This feature of Tamoxifen may absolutely not bother the athletes who administrate high dosages of steroids because in this case the effect of Tamoxifen will be insufficient to influence the effectiveness of the steroid drugs.

The impact of Tamoxifen on hypothalamus

Now let’s talk about one more positive feature of Tamoxifen that I mentioned before. Tamoxifen may cause direct impact on hypothalamus, cause very powerful emission of gonadotropins to the blood and as a sequence increase the production of natural testosterone. As a result, the athlete receives additional inflow of testosterone which a doubtless plus. Let’s come back to the side effects which are very and very rare even at dosages of 30 mg daily. In very rare cases people with predisposition to the medicines of this type may have such side effects as vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fever, vision disorder. These side effects are seen mostly at male athletes. At female athletes menstrual cycle disorders may be seen. In no way should you plan conceiving a child during the course of Tamoxifen. Also women should consider that they should not combine Tamoximed with estrogen-containing drugs, these substances compensate the mutual impact decreasing it to zero but increasing the risk of side effects manifestation.

Dosages of Tamoxifen

According to the recommendations the most popular dosages are doses of 10-30 mg daily. For the prophylaxis of the problems caused by increased contain of estrogens in the organism it is recommended to administrate Tamoxifen when the steroid course is finished, approximately after 3-4 weeks.

The athletes who are disposed to manifestation of gynecomasty and aromatization or accumulation of fats in the organism during the administration of strong steroids of Danabol, Anapolon and Testosterone as well as without them, resort to the doses of Tamoxifen of 20-30 mg. I have already mentioned about the effectiveness of Tamoximed and Proviron combination; in this case the combination of drugs’ dosage should be equal to 20-30 mg and 25-50 mg correspondently. Approximately same dosages are recommended for administration by women both during the precompetitive workout and during steroids administration. Gynecomasty in advanced stage cannot be removed by using only Tamoxifen; most often male and female athletes have to resort to surgeons’ help in order to get rid of this disease. The first sign of gynecomasty incipience is pain in nipples. Tamoximed should be administrated during the meal, 1-2 tablets without chewing and washing up with water.

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