Provimed 50mg 20tabs

20 tabs (50 mg/tab)

quick overview

Provimed is a steroid-type drug



  • manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • active substance: Mesterolone
  • MASS (1-10): 1
  • CUTTING (1-10): 5
  • STRENGTH (1-10): 3
  • HBR: NO
  • DOSAGE: MEN 25-100 MG/DAY


Provimed effect

Provimed is a steroid-type drug, produced in tablets. Provimed is prescribed during insufficiency of male hormones in athlete’s organism (this defect negatively affects athlete’s workouts and disturbs him from muscular mass accumulation). When the drug is administrated development of male sex organs and improvement in the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics is noted. Also, we should note that when Provimed tablets are used potency and libido are improved. One more positive feature of Provimed is its impact on bones development and growth (protein synthesis). The athletes administrate the drug as means of after-course therapy (after-steroidal drug) for the restoration of natural production of testosterone. Provimed is not and antiestrogen like many drugs of ACT (after-course therapy) but blocker of aromatase, it doesn’t remove the consequence as in the case of the first but fights against the cause. 

Administration of Provimed

Provimed is a popular medical drug which is prescribed at hypogenitalism, loss of strength (reduced potency), psycho-vegetative disorders and male infertility. Sportsmen use Provimed after the course of androgenic steroids for the restoration of natural production of testosterone and the treatment of its suppression during the course.

The dosage of Provimed during ACT for the athlete is 25-50 mg daily for 3-4 weeks. In more difficult courses, experienced athletes also administrate big dosages of the drug.

Administration in medicine: dosage of Provimed depends on the physical form of the patient as well as his diseases or, like in our case, on the steroid course and dosages during the course. During psycho-vegetative disorders, potency decrease or its total absence the patient is prescribed 75 mg of Provimed per day; when improvements are seen the dose is decreased to 25-50 mg per day (treatment course takes some months). With hypogonadism for development or formation of secondary sexual characteristics it is advised to administrate 50-100 mg three times per day, when improvement is registered the drug’s dose is 50 mg once in three days (the duration of the course is some months). The patients who suffer from infertility or insufficient mobility they prescribe 50 mg once in three days (90-day course). More detailed recommendations on Provimed administration should be received during the visit to doctor. It should be noted that Provimed tablets should be used entirely without being chewed or divided into pieces, abundantly washed up with any non-alcoholic liquid.

Combinations with Provimed

Provimed is an excellent combinational drug; it increases the effectiveness of hypoglycemic agents and anticoagulants (the dose of Provimed at its combination with other drugs is decreased). Also Provimed increases the effectiveness of functioning of such means like: carbamazepine, barbiturates, rifampicin and phenytoin. Provimed is practically free of any side effects, also from insignificant. The only disadvantage may be considered more often erections. Many note it as the advantage of the drug.

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