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Parabolan is a steroid that has strong androgenic effect and high anabolic quality




Parabolan is a steroid that has a strong androgenic effect and high anabolic quality. In contrast to other powerful androgenic preparations it is not aromatized, i.e. the active chemical substance is not converted to estrogens. The application of Parabolan doesn’t lead to any water retain in organism’s tissues. These features make Parabolan not just good drug for the accumulation of qualitative muscular mass, but it is also an excellent steroid for competitions. Besides this the highly androgenic feature of Parabolan prevents possible over-workout syndrome, accelerates organism restoration and the muscles look full, with sharp shapes. Athletes who use Parabolan give only positive reviews: even within short of Parabolan course they feel unusual gain of strength and observable gain of mass.

Parabolan history

Parabolan is a relatively young steroid. It was synthesized in 1980 in France for the first time. Although this fact, it is one of the most requested drugs in the world.

Parabolan Administration

The work does of Parabolan course is 100-300 mg/week. Beginners shouldn’t administrate more than 200 mg/week. It is enough to make one injection per week. Athletes prefer injecting the drug often before the competitions, 2-3 times per week. We don’t recommend administration of Parabolan longer than 8 weeks because this steroid can cause excessive load for the kidneys.
According to reviews, Parabolan administration may result in at least 10 kg gain of muscular mass. It is not necessary to use Clenbuterol as anti-catabolic at the end of the course because this drug does not retain water in the organism and weight loss is not observed at course end.
Combinations during the course with Parabolan: good gain of mass is observed when it is used together with Winstrol, Boldestenon, Testosterone and Oxandrolone.

Side effects of Parabolan

It is proved that Parabolan has more effect on kidneys than on liver. Sometimes urine darkening is observed and this says about its increased concentration. That is why it is recommended to drink 3-4 liters of water for those athletes who administrate Parabolan in order to decrease the toxic effect to kidneys. Parabolan doesn’t cause water retain and pressure increase. When drug’s administration is stopped it is possible to observe some decrease of strength, this cannot be said about the accumulated muscular mass which differs with quality and doesn’t go anywhere. Since Parabolan may decrease the production of endogen testosterone, we recommend using Proviron or Clomiphene citrate at the end of the course.

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