Exedrol 25mg 20tabs

20 tabs (25 mg/tab)

quick overview

Exedrol drug is more effective than Tamoxifen




The exedrol drug was designed in 1899. It was used for the treatment of women’s mammary cancer tumors. This drug is more effective than Tamoxifen. Probably, you have the question - for what this drug is necessary for the bodybuilder and especially for a male? Everything is very simple. This drug is the most modern one that suppresses aromatase. Aromatase is such an element that is found in adrenal gland and converts testosterone to estrogen. This is not very good for a man because estrogen is a female hormone and large amount of it in the male organism at least makes male athlete’s body not beautiful.

Breast starts appearing and fats start depositing around the whole body according to female type and the male body starts having a female silhouette. At least, this is not handsome. This situation may happen after the steroidal course. In order to have no such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to administrate Exedrol. The effect of this drug is directed to the process of aromatization itself and suppresses it. It is very good that the drug also increases the level of natural testosterone and insulinlike growth factor. Everyone wants to restore the natural level of testosterone and bounce back in this aspect after the steroidal course. An important fact which is also its advantage is that the drug passed all clinical researches and tests. Exedrol is a perfect drug than others like him. This drug gives permanent effect. Where other drugs give temporary one.

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The cost of this drug may be some increased but according to the words of athletes, the drug is worth it. It is also necessary to talk about the side effects. The producer itself says that side effects are absent, but the athletes claim that insomnia, nausea, headaches may take place – that is why it’s better to consult a doctor before administration so that he would prescribe the optimal dosage for you. 


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