Danabol 10

60 tabs (10 mg/tab)

quick overview

Methandrostenolone also known as Dianabol, Danabol, Nerobol, Naposim, DBOL, Metandienone, in bodybuilding slang name of “Methane” is very popular



  • manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • active substance: Methandienone
  • MASS (1-10): 9
  • CUTTING (1-10): 2
  • STRENGTH (1-10): 9
  • HBR: YES
  • DOSAGE: MEN 20-50 MG/DAY


Danabol 10 mg
Methandrostenolone (also known as Dianabol, Danabol, Nerobol, Naposim, DBOL, Methandienone, in bodybuilding slang name of “Methane” is very popular, less popular trademarks are Anabolic, Bionabol, Degidrometiltestosterone, Metasternal, Novabol, Perabol, Perbolin, Stenolon, Anaboral, Vanabol and many others) – anabolic steroid administrated inside, initially synthesized by doctor John Ziegler and produced in the USA in the beginning of 60s of the last century by Ciba company. Initially methandrostenolone was used to accelerate restoration and for the treatment of burns and even for the improvement of general tonus at female patients and soon it became widespread in bodybuilding as a means to increase muscle mass till the moment when it was forbidden by FDA. Nevertheless, even today Danabol is available without prescription in such countries as Mexica (trade name is Reforvit-b), in many Asian and West Europe countries (Moldova – Balkan Pharmaceuticals; Romania – Terapia; Poland - Jelfa). In Russia methandrostenolone is sold as Nerobol.
Today too much discrediting information on Danabol exists. Authors exaggerate the toxic features and understate the anabolic activity. Nevertheless, practice shows that methandrostenolone course of 6-week duration with a dosage of 30 mg daily may increase the muscular mass by 8-10 kg with the following loss of 2-5 kg (so-called rollback phenomenon). Rollback phenomenon may be minimized if the course is composed correctly.

Possible side effects:
- pimples that always pass when the course is finished
- pressure increase due to water retain
- gynecomasty if you have a predisposition
- liver problems if it is initially ill

As you see, all side effects are absolutely not terrible and can be controlled. Methane is eliminated from the organism within some hours, that is, why in the case of any strong side effect you should simply stop administrating the drug and next day already the organism will relax and will be restoring itself.
Everyone is asking how to administrate Danabol correctly and what is the correct dosage. Joker recommends eating methane 50 mg daily (5 tablets of 10 mg). This is the dose that is not terrible for the liver and which effects the organism for 100%. It is possible to grow also starting with smaller dosages, but there is no any guarantee. You may gain not 10 but 5 or 3.

It is possible to start the course with 30 mg daily and when the growth slows down or will be insufficient, to increase to 50-60 mg. Namely due to this fact you should buy 2 packets for the course of Danabol (200 tablets). One packet is a very weak course for 33 days duration 3 tablets daily. Administration of methane during 40-45 days will be optimal. In case you finish administration earlier, you simply deprive yourself of mass; you stop the accelerated supercar before the finish.
As reviews say, methane starts acting approximately one week later.
2-3 days after the course it is desirable to start ACT (after-course therapy) with Clomid and Tamoxifen. You should buy them previously! Remember that the faster your level of testosterone restores, the fewer muscles will burn. If you want to retain the maximum of gained – follow ACT!

Available price is one more serious argument to order namely Danabol. I tell everyone how to drink it correctly after he pays the order. Buy Danabol


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