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Description of Clomed and its administration in bodybuilding. How to administrate Clomed.




Clomed is an anti-estrogen that is used in sports for preventing of side effects that are related to the administration of anabolic steroids and normalization of production of natural testosterone by the organism. The administration of the drug allows the sportsman keep accumulated mass and strength at an anabolic course and so to be secured from gynecomasty and other side effects.

Description of Clomed and its administration in bodybuilding

The drug is of synthetic origin, the active substance is Clomiphene citrate. The main mechanism of drug’s functioning is in blocking the estrogen receptors in the cells; at the same time it doesn’t affect the process of estrogen formation in the organism. Clomid from Balkan Pharmaceuticals and its analogues Nolvadex and Proviron are designed to stop the effect of estrogens and increase the production of testosterone.

For those sportsmen who administrate anabolic steroids, the problem of suppressed secretion of testosterone always exists when the course is finished. If the production is not restored, cortisol hormone starts playing an important role; due to its affect catabolic processes start developing. This means that all accumulated mass may easily disappear, so-called “rollback phenomenon” will take place.
Administration of Clomed drug after steroidal course stimulates the chain of hypothalamic-pituitary-testes actively increasing the synthesis of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones which, in their turn contribute to the secretion of testosterone and increase it. That’s why Clomed is used not only as an antiestrogen during the course of aromatized steroids but also as a mandatory drug of after-course therapy for any course of anabolic steroids.

The information on how much Clomed (50 mg) costs and the detailed instruction are posted at the forum of our internet shop. Also there you can find detailed descriptions and articles about this drug and many things that are interesting for the sportsman.
The pharmacological effect of Clomed and its cost, relatively available, make it popular in many kinds of sports. First of all, this is, of course, bodybuilding, powerlifting and different kinds of track-and-field and weightlifting.

If you are still in doubts after the course of heavy steroids whether you should administrate gonadotropin or Clomed tablets, then the best choice will be well-composed course containing from both of these drugs because their effect seriously differs and they both are important for the after-course therapy.

How to administrate Clomed   

In order to store best results after the steroidal course, it is necessary to start administrating the drug immediately after you started administrating anabolic steroids. It is possible to start even the next day, it is desirable to postpone the administration start for more than a week. The dosage of Clomed for male athletes is 50-100 mg daily. You should administrate the tablets every day during 2-3 weeks. Ideally, more precise dosages and duration of Clomed course should be composed by a knowledgeable doctor.
Often athletes ask the question how to drink Clomed after the steroid course? The answer – you should swallow the tablets, using quite a large amount of water, preferably with water. The drug should be administrated at the same time of the day. It is important not to use alcohol during Clomed course, it negatively affects the effectiveness of the drug.
Female athletes usually don’t use the drug in order not to violate the natural level of hormones in the organism. The exception from this may be the administration of Clomed during the competitions in order to burn excessive fat since the drug has some anabolic effect. Women should use the drug accurately and at specialist control.

Steroidal course with Clomed allows secure gaining and keeping of muscular mass and strength which is the final aim of all steroidal courses. If you neglect the after-course therapy and anti-estrogens then you may easily lose the most part of the musculature as it is called “pour off”. The side effects of Clomed administration take place pretty rarely. Most often headaches, dizziness, hot flushes, nausea and temporarily vision blurring take place.
Also simultaneous administration with Proviron manifests itself well.

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Some athletes are discouraged by it is not too low price but, belief, it is worth its price. Purchasing this drug don’t forget that the price of Clomed includes such necessary features of the drug like antiestrogen activity, restoration of natural testosterone production and fat burning. That means, purchasing this drug you will solve some issues at once.
When you make the decision to buy the drug, the price for Clomed in pharmacies and internet shops may differ significantly. Don’t chase the profit, it is better to pay attention to safety and the reputation of the seller. The Too low price of Clomed may witness about falsification or expired drug, don’t expose your wallet and health to a risk.

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