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Payment Information

Data provided for payment

- Follow to System Payment Agent Location

- Evaluate your Transaction Fee

- Essential remarks:

We ask you not to specify that you are going to buy something online because System Payment Agent prohibits commercial payments. In case the officials ask you for what the money were used it is possible to answer that you sent some money to your relatives or friends. No detail of the purchase should be shown (purchased goods, website from which you purchased, etc.). We ask you to show Reference number that you will receive from the Agent when you complete the transaction. In order to perform the process payment confirmation visit our website, then login using your account and complete fill-in the Enter Info the MTCN number.

- Essential remarks:

After you perform all these actions, you have to get the message that your Reference number was accepted. When we receive Reference number from you, it takes 2-4 working days for us to ship the package.