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How to become your partner?

The link leading to the website of our page should be added initially. Let’s start.

Step 1 – Our Link
- Select the piece of the code provided underneath, copy it to insert to your resource.
- The page on which you are going to add the link should be directly linked from the homepage and at most 1 level deep in the website construction.
- Write us via the contact form provided below.
- The link leading to your website will be inserted to the present page that is linked from the homepage or the page of top level partners.
- We are going to accept or reject the links during 24 hours.
- The tag “nofollow” should be included in any link either yours or ours.

- The processed link is going to be like this:

LinK Code:

Second - Your Link:

When e-mailing us please provide the following information.

  1. The title of your link, description and url.
  2. Or a snippet of code much as we have provided.
  3. The location of our link.
  4. Your link can either be a simple link to your homepage, or a deep link it's entirely up to you