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Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme are the recognized standards of man’s beauty and the dream of millions of women. How to approach the ideal and turn into a handsome athlete? How to get rid of “beer belly” and gain relief musculature?
Balkan answers these questions.

Bodybuilding is not only a popular kind of sports but also a way of life for many men. Regular workouts in the gym, balanced protein-rich nutrition and high-quality steroids of the last generation are the 3 cherished steps on the way to the shape of your dream. As for the workouts and the nutrition, everything is simple, but as for the quality pharmacology – entrust it to our shop.

What are steroids?

This is a group of pharmacological drugs that, as for their composition, imitate the action of the male sexual hormone of testosterone. As a result of their use, they accelerate the production of protein in the cells which leads to a significant increase of muscular mass.

It should be noted that for many sportsmen “steroids” and “anabolics” are synonyms because the word "anabolic" in Greek means "to increase”.

Why do you need steroids?

Steroids or anabolics act in 2 directions on the human body: anabolic and androgenic.

The manifestation of the anabolic activity:
- Gain of 5-10 kg of muscular mass per month
- Significant increase of strength indices
- Increase of effectiveness and stamina
- Significant increase of erythrocytes in the blood
- Significant strengthening of bone tissue
- Significant decrease of fat deposits

What is the reason of reaching these? First of all, anabolics contribute to the significant acceleration of protein synthesis in the muscles, as a result, the organism needs less time to restore. Besides these, the effect of catabolic hormones for the organism is decreased significantly due to the change of the balance to the side of the muscular cells growth and the quantity of the fat cells is decreased. Fat decay takes place due to the acceleration of the metabolism reaction.

Due to the fact that, in contrast to anabolic activity, the androgenic activity negatively affects the complete body state, the work of producing the steroids which have minimum androgenic activity takes place constantly. The anabolic index allows learning the proportion of anabolic and androgenic activity of the drug – the higher it is the safer is the drug.

All our drugs have minimum androgenic activity and when the doses are respected they are absolutely safe for your health.
Besides the increase of muscular mass, some additional effects exist:
1. The sportsmen have increased appetite
2. Sense of fear disappears
3. Self-confidence and self-concept increase significantly
4. The man becomes more sociable
5. Libido increases

How to use correctly

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In order to build a muscular shape, it is not enough just to use anabolics. Only the simultaneous combination of several conditions contributes to the achievement of maximum effect and allows gaining up to 10 kg of muscular mass per month. First of all, you should strictly obey the literally composed system of strength workouts which is directed to activation of the main groups of muscles. Besides these, due to the fact that building of muscles takes place not only during the workouts, the sportsman’s nutrition, which is rich with proteins and vitamins, has huge importance. Anabolics are designed to speed up the burning of the fat cells and accelerate the process of muscles’ building.